living in fear, our reality can become distorted

i spent the day taking my dad to the doctors for blood work and tests.  he’s been complaining about feeling weak, constant fatigue, headache, dizziness and a pain on the right side of his head. (his brother died of a brain tumor last year.)

the doctor was a young chinese man. lovely, very thorough, and excellent at explaining what he was looking for. my dad liked him. in fact, my dad liked him so much that all that had been ailing him seemed to disappear. this doctor was so calm and so curious, that my dad could only play down all that he had been complaining about for the past couple of months.

“do you experience any dizziness?,” the doctor asked.

“no, no, no dizziness,” said my dad, who has been complaining of dizziness everyday for weeks.

“how about any fatigue?”

“no, i play ping pong, and swim every night, ” bragged my dad. when he tells us at least once a day that something is wrong, he feels tired all the time.

“are you under any stress? on a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate your anxiety? 1 being the lowest.”

“oh, maybe a 2”

my father either has a super bad memory, or he lies.  yesterday, he nearly killed my sister when she forgot to bring some important papers down to the car. he’s been extremely irritable and impatient and super hard to be around.

i’m not sure what happened yesterday, and why all his ailments disappeared, but my dad seems to have found some peace. maybe he was just looking for some attention since we’re in the middle of trying to make some important decisions regarding my mom’s health, or maybe he just needed to be heard.

maybe he just needed someone knowledgeable to show that he cared and that he was there to listen.  it’s amazing how our bodies can respond to our negative thoughts, and we can actually manifest our own illnesses.

it’s also amazing how our bodies can heal with positive thoughts.


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