a shift in attitude of perfection to gratitude, can make all the difference

“the problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude towards the problem.”- captain jack sparrow.

3 weeks before the wedding and riki still doesn’t have a dress she loves. the dress she ordered six months ago arrived in cream instead of white, and she’s always dreamt of walking down the aisle in white. accidents and mistakes happen. the good news is that they’re giving her a full refund. the bad news is she can’t even get an appointment to try on new dresses because everything is done by appointment sometimes a year in advance. and then once you find the dress you want, it takes months to prepare. some might say, we’ve got a problem.

but it’s her attitude towards the problem that wows me.

we had the most beautiful day of wedding planning yesterday. we spent the day at the farm where she and scott will be wed, surrounded by dogs, a pony, chickens, the cutest toddler ever!  never once did i sense any stress or anxiety about how this wedding was going to happen without a dress. just total bliss, acceptance, and faith that it will all turn out just the way it will. if you focus on the stuff that truly matters, bringing family and friends together in celebration of young love, the wedding will simply be beautiful, fun and bursting with more love.

and when you think about life this way, with this tiny shift in perspective, your problems become so much more manageable.  instead of having to solve every problem, fix every person, change every situation, you let go, and see that it’s not up to you to make everything and everyone the way you want them to be, the way your head wants everything to be perfect,

you trust that it will all turn out, and you enjoy and appreciate what’s happening at this very moment and you live through your heart, not comparing, not wanting more, just grateful for what is.

she’s taking action the way she always does, doing lots of stuff online. it wouldn’t surprise me if she found a white dress online somewhere. and it will most likely arrive on time. and all i could hear was, ‘thank you so much!  i can’t believe this is really happening!’




4 thoughts on “a shift in attitude of perfection to gratitude, can make all the difference

  1. Hi Menette,
    My daughter is getting married in October too. She got her dress at Nicole Miller. And they carry the same line at Anthropologie; almost no alterations needed!! Maybe she can try there!! My daughter, Jordan has the same laid back attitude! Isn’t it nice!!! 😊

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