looking ‘old’ on the outside, doesn’t mean i have to be ‘aged’ on the inside

“i don’t dwell on my age. it might limit what i can do. as long as i have my mind and health, it’s just a number.” – nola ochs

and i’d like to add, as long as i have my mind, health and heart, it’s just a number…

as long as i feel young, i’m going to live young. i may not look young on the outside, but i sure do feel young on the inside.

my hair is aging. i have a huge chunk of white that seems to be spreading rapidly across the left side of my head, and then tons of wiry white strands throughout.  as i sat with my father and his niece at dinner last night, they just couldn’t understand why i don’t dye it, so i ‘won’t look so old.’

i guess it’s a choice we each have. i choose to embrace my hair just the way it is, others choose to dye theirs.  there is no right or wrong. it’s simply a choice.

yet isn’t it funny how the color of my hair can give people so much to talk about and judge? i sat there listening to my cousin as she tried so hard to convince me to dye my hair.

making choices in life using my heart as my guide, involves asking myself, will dying my hair expand my heart? it will help quiet the voices that choose to tell me i should, but if i’m content with the way it is, why should it matter what others think? expanding my heart is about loving myself, hair dyed or not.

just because i choose not to dye my hair doesn’t meant that i judge you for dying yours. i simply understand that we each have a choice. the freedom to choose is such a blessing.

60 is simply a number and if i dwell on it for long, i might start creaking. and i’m just not ready for that, so i turn on the music and dance! (while sitting…foot still not quite there yet…)


4 thoughts on “looking ‘old’ on the outside, doesn’t mean i have to be ‘aged’ on the inside

  1. Perception of age is such a weird phenomenon. I often find myself looking around thinking many other people are older than I am. But then it occurs to me that they aren’t. Maybe it’s because they seem and look so “mature” and I feel “immature” (young?) in some way while not being able to physically see myself.

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