when reality doesn’t meet your expectations…

riki’s wedding dress finally arrived- we ordered it way back in april. there was some hand threading that had to be done, so it got delayed.

when your dream has always been to be married in a white dress, and the designer has decided to change the color to cream without telling you, because she thinks it will look better with the gold thread, you go into a bit of a shock.

how does one deal with something that isn’t what you expected?

you pause and ask yourself, first, how important is it?

then you ask, what actions can i take?  and what actions are completely out of my control?

riki amazes me…she receives this news in the midst of a brand new job, 3 1/2 weeks before the wedding..

how important is it?

i have a feeling riki’s going to make things happen and there’s a very good chance she’ll be walking down the aisle in white, and if it doesn’t happen, she’s going to be just fine:)




One thought on “when reality doesn’t meet your expectations…

  1. Oh no!! This happened to my best friend- not in terms of color, but changed the design & created something different. She was frantic & she was assured she’ll receive the dress that she originally ordered. I admire Riki & her patience. 🙂


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