the heart expands during times that bring family together

after a weekend of total opening of the heart, i’m headed home completely and wonderfully exhausted. there’s nothing better than crying from the heart in celebration of young love. my buddy, diane’s, first born son, ryan, just wed. i’ve known ryan since before he was born.

the wedding was indeed glorious, overlooking the calm waters of lake george. the setting was spectacular. thick trees of all different shapes and sizes and variations of green, reflected in the clear blue waters, rolling green grass that sloped toward a sandy beach, and puffy clouds no longer threatening to burst, gently floating southward as if beckoned home.

the wedding weekend was at a resort where the two uniting families were scattered among cabins overlooking the lake. i’ve known diane for 41 years, and spending time with her family for a few days was truly remarkable. i simply adore her family.

there’s definitely the feeling of expanded hearts after spending quality time sitting around exchanging memories, laughing, and then crying over the shared knowledge that we’re all related through two people we all love very much.

between the music – yes, live music by marcus miller, ryan’s uncle! yikes!! – and listening to the vows that these young kids now write to each other, watching diane dance with ryan to michael jackson’s ‘i’ll be there’, and then sitting with diane’s 85 year old mom while everyone else danced (yes, i was such a good girl!! i didn’t dance!!!…hardest thing ever, but so important if i’m going to be ready to dance for riki’s wedding one month away!!!) i was overwhelmed with pure joy and gratitude.

i arrived knowing diane’s family by name, and left knowing them by heart.


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