before every action, i ask myself, is my heart saying ‘thank you’?

being mindful means having the awareness of every action i choose to take, and what impact each thought, each food i ingest, or each word i emit, has on my heart.  i imagine hearing my heart express its gratitude.

changing habits that have been a part of me all my life is more difficult since i have come to believe those habits are who i am, instead of conditioned responses learned over time. i used to cry if someone was yelling because i learned by observing my mother cry every time my father would yell. for the longest time i didn’t know i could actually make the choice to cry or not to cry. i can choose to pause, and not react.

similarly when i choose to ingest foods that are good for my heart, i actually experience a change in my body.  so by not ingesting foods that cause inflammation, my body no longer has arthritis, nor does it have problems with the sciatic nerve. doing good to my heart begins with making healthy choices, then listening to my body and having the awareness that my body feels more energetic and pain free.

do i satisfy my ego who tells me i can eat the whole bag of popcorn and work it off tomorrow?  or do i eat an apple and know that my heart is saying ‘thank you’ right this moment?

likewise, when i choose words that are kind, i feed my heart, and my heart thanks me and i find peace.

when i choose words that are hurtful, i feed my ego, and i continue to dwell in my head. replaying the emotions felt, i find myself stuck in the past, struggling to move forward.

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