when i pause to listen with my heart, i can hear what you’re going through; i find a connection and i find compassion

“if we were supposed to talk more than we were to listen, we would have two mouths and one ear.” – mark twain

i often hear the words in my head ‘keep my mouth shut.’ and then the voice continues, ‘i may not know what i’m saying. and people will think i’m stupid’ or ‘you’re wrong, i’m right, you have no idea what you’re saying.’

keeping my mouth shut is only part of the action i must take because i find myself in my head judging, criticizing, wanting.  my head keeps talking even with my mouth shut.  i must open my heart and listen.

my head wants to defend and fix things to be my way.  when i listen with my head by keeping my mouth shut but continuing to let the voice in my head judge and speak louder than my heart, then i’m not truly listening.  i’m only hearing what my ego wants to hear.

my heart wants to listen to understand and connect. my heart doesn’t compare, my heart doesn’t demand more or think that i should be or i am better.  my heart listens without judgement, without the my ego’s perspective that it knows better than you do.

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