peace as my guide when i’m addicted to the drama

there came a time when i knew it was time to walk away from the drama.

we can physically walk away from the drama – get the divorce, leave the job, move away from the mess – or we can physically stay, but detach from the drama that runs amuck in our heads.

we have the choice.

and when we face the pain, we learn to allow it and then release it. pain is not about me or you doing something wrong, it’s about being human, it’s about life, it’s about learning to use it to power forward.

p.a.i.n. is Pushing Away the Importance of Now because i can choose to sit in it and suffer thinking of all the things i or you did wrong, or i can face it, feel it, and then release it, and experience the power of now. when i allow myself to see the miracles of this very moment,  i connect to my heart and i am overwhelmed with gratitude and the beauty of life.

sometimes drama becomes so much a part of our lives that we at times feel addicted to it, so much so that we create our own drama just so we can experience the conflict that tells us that life is supposed to be crazy and unmanageable. when we get caught up in drama or gossip and we let someone else’s words tell the story of someone who isn’t there, we use their drama to build walls of resentment and conflict.


peace is not a place. it’s not my closet or my bathroom or my car with a door you close when it’s too noisy and chaotic outside. it’s not a drug or drink that i take to numb the pain.

peace is the strength i find within as i nourish the heart.

peace is the tenderness of my spirit that thanks me when i choose to use my heart to relate and understand.

peace is the connection i find with the river, the birds, and the stars above.

peace is the state of being that doesn’t feel the need to fix or control anyone and simply asks what am i to learn?

whether i stay or leave physically, is my choice, as long as i’m loving myself and honoring my peace.  if i’m using my heart as my compass in making my choices, i can stay out of the drama and honor my serenity.

as i love myself, i know i must make choices that nourish my soul and keep me connected to god and my peaceful state of being.


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