conscious of my choices every moment of my day, keeps me at peace

as i experience my day, i’m aware that there are habits that i learned along the way that are my conditioned responses, that i identify as ‘me’.  the ‘me’ who cries when you raise your voice, or the ‘me’ who is the victim because you hurt my feelings, or the ‘me’ who feels controlled by others because i’m always trying to please and i never know how i’m supposed to feel until you and your mood show up.

or do i choose to pause and detach from my learned reaction, see that i don’t have to react and identify with that learned behavior, that i have a choice.  i can choose to have a different response – a response that comes from my heart and not my head.

my head wants to say ‘i’m better than you.’ my ego wants to be right.  it wants to judge and complain, defend and blame. my head has been conditioned to experience conflict as i relate to you.

my heart simply wants to understand and connect and be at peace.

do i choose peace over conflict? i ask myself.  i choose peace. i choose to understand you. i choose to connect.


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