friends who fill my soul, give living a whole new dimension

i can see the world in black and white, or i can see it in brilliant, vibrant colors.  this past week has been filled with laughter, tears and utter celebration of life.  my friend michele has been in town from seattle.  she invited me to share her box at the hollywood bowl to attend the black movie soundtrack event that our friend marcus miller was hosting and directing. wow! i found myself stepping back in time, reliving crazy times, at the same time being in awe of the talent that was on the stage before me with my favorites marcus miller, earth, wind and fire, gladys knight (oh my)… michele and i have been giddy all week, living like kids full of adventure and joy.

“feeling good…that’s ultimately what any musician or songwriter does…we try to make people feel good.”

when kenny’babyface’edmund shared this, i realized that’s what music does for me. it touches me not only in that place of feeling good, but it reaches deep into my soul, moving me to another dimension.

i’m not a musician, but i am a people. i am one of those people who gets to move and dance and swing my arms and jump up and down when i feel the artists’ passion.  since i don’t have music as my talent (i do have the gift of appreciation and without the fans, the artists would be missing that part of their purpose), i realize that i have other talents that i get to share with the world.

when i think about it, if i can make the people in my life feel good by accepting them as they are and connecting with them at a deeper level, a heartfelt level, then i am living my life with meaning and purpose. and that is enough. i may never be famous the way my ego may desire, but i sure will be happy and peaceful the way my heart only knows.

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