loving yourself enough to want to say ‘no’ to the stuff that’s bad for you


i must share with you yesterday’s miracle.  i’ve been living with someone who loves sugar- frosted flakes, coke and a filet mignon.  i love spinach, coconut water and salmon. if someone puts onions, mushrooms or god forbid mustard, on his burger, he can’t eat it. i used to think to myself, what’s the big deal. just wipe it off. but then one day i realized that i have the same repulsion to someone putting brown sugar in my almondmeal, or tartar sauce on my salmon. it’s so easy for me to sit and judge someone for his likes and dislikes, when i have them too.

so i must practice not judging what others eat. i practice accepting that we all have different likes and dislikes.  it’s easy for me to judge and i’m very aware that it’s not up to me to change him or tell him what to eat.  he’s got to want the change himself.

for the past year and a half i’ve been eating only noninflammatory foods – this includes protein, fruit, veggies, seeds and nuts. it’s a plan called whole30, which means no sugar, gluten, grains, dairy, legumes or alcohol. eating this way, has resulted in my body being free of any pains (no pre-arthritis, no shooting sciatic nerve). yesterday, brian asked me where my whole30 book was…that he was interested in reading it…and the other day he had mentioned that he might want to try staying away from sugar.

not sure where any of this may go, but between you and me, i’m doing flips inside.  this would be a dream come true if he decides to change the way he eats, and started making choices that are good for his body, mind and soul.

but who am i to judge? i’m just happy that he’s loving himself enough to want to make a change.

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