when we share our passion with the world, we experience the connection

i grew up doing my homework with motown blaring in the background, and have since acquired a love of live jazz, but brian grew up on classic rock.  as he and i learn each other’s music, we learn about each other. it’s part of the ‘getting to know each other’ process, and it’s part of the healing from the wreckage of his past. so we go to a lot of live concerts.

going to a live concert is a spiritual experience like no other. when the artists connect, sharing their purest gift with people who love what they do, their passion multiplies, and everyone present experiences a direct connection with our creator. it’s as if the universal language of music brings everyone together to celebrate one of god’s greatest messages- create your joy, share it with the world and let the differences disappear… and remember to let go of what others think about you and enjoy the dance your way!

as i looked around bopping to santana and journey, like a crazy woman (after i promised to stay off my still gimpy foot), i was overwhelmed with the joy. surrounded by people of all ages and backgrounds. dads and moms with their kids, white haired, age spotted, limping old folks (at first i found myself thinking how adorable these old people were, hugging each other while enjoying such classic music, and then i realized that i was one of them…), blacks, hispanics, asians, whites all mixed up in one big space. it was glorious.

the band journey put on an astounding show, but santana moved me to tears. that band played nonstop, transitioning from one song to the next, smiling the whole time, like one long, beautiful dream. santana did break once and this is what he shared with us with utmost sincerity,

“inside your heart, there is a light that can create miracles and blessings. look inside and say to yourself, i am the light, i am grateful, and i can make a difference in the world.

your soul is immutable. you can’t mess with it. you can’t hurt it. your spirit and your soul are immutable. it’s your ego that gets bruised.

you have the capacity to make a difference in this world

nothing’s broken inside.

we want you to be magnificent.  we want you to be with perfect perfection.

peculiar to be talking at a concert about correcting twisted crooked world minds, this is who i am…i don’t just play guitar, i’m not just a little mexican who plays piñata music

i am your brother. and i will not lie to you.  you are worthy of god’s grace, you are worthy of your life, carry yourself like that.”

perhaps the greatest gift, that light within each of us, gets lost with the power of the ego. and maybe when we let go of that ego, the way we do in a live concert, we experience that light, god’s love, and we connect with each other and the universe.

One thought on “when we share our passion with the world, we experience the connection

  1. So agree about live music, and music in general, I don’t know what I’d do without it!

    Carlos has an amazing spirit and contagious positive energy channeled through both his voice and his guitar.


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