transformation happens when things don’t go the way you want, and the only place to go is deep inside your heart

some of the most incredible songs, books, art  have been created in times of despair, in the middle of everything falling apart.  it’s in the times of despair that our hearts are broken. and it’s in that broken place that we connect to something greater than ourselves.

growing up i was taught never to ask for help. that being strong meant figuring it out on my own, and never admitting i couldn’t do something.  (we have youtube now, so i think it’s a lot easier to figure out how to do something, but then, if you said you knew how to do something, and really didn’t, you went to the library, and hoped there was a book that explained how to do it)

i think i have a much better understanding of what it means to be strong.  being strong means admitting that i don’t know everything, and that i don’t have to fix it alone.  being strong is being able to stop the constant blaming the outside for my discontent – if only he would stop x, my life would be so much better. being strong is saying hello to the pain, sitting with it, but then letting it go.  being strong is being able to dig deep inside to look for ways for me to change, and then taking mini steps to change.  being strong is acknowledging to myself that i need to learn something if i’m to get out of the mess i’m in and i pause and ask myself, ‘what am i to learn from this situation or this person?’ and there the transformation begins.

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