with every end, there’s a new beginning; and with every beginning, there’s an end

this past weekend was truly an emotional one for me.  filled with ends and beginnings. for with every end there is a beginning. i remember when our first daughter married last august, how emotional i felt that day, i kept saying ‘it was like having a baby again.’ at the time i wasn’t sure why i felt the way i did, but i do now.

having a baby is the end of being pregnant, of caring for someone you’ve loved and nurtured for nine months all on your own, and the beginning of caring for her with someone else, most often with the someone with whom you made her. and in many ways a marriage is the same.  it’s the end of caring and nurturing your baby now grown, and the beginning of a relationship where the two now married, and in love, will nurture  and create more love; it’s having to let go of wanting to be involved and to trust they are on a path that is theirs to create.  it’s the letting go of one responsibility, and the beginning of a trust with the universe that all will be well without your help.

our friends pat and john got to experience their baby get married, and the weekend was filled with the emotions of ‘ends and beginnings’ and of course, with our anniversary mixed in there, brian and i got to experience those emotions all over again, the 34th anniversary of the end of being solely responsible for oneself and the beginning of being intertwined with another human being.

while we were away celebrating a new beginning, our next door neighbors experienced an end. our dear 92 year old friend, dottie, passed away while we were away. she hung in there in time to see her husband celebrate his 94th birthday, and she got to celebrate their 72nd anniversary just last week.  the two met when they were in fourth grade and have been together ever since. and then it was time. her frail little body was tired and it was time for her to slip away.  and so in the middle of the night she said her good byes, and let the angels hold her so she could begin her life in heaven.

i can just imagine her little smile when she saw her new friends, the same beautiful smile she would always give me when i walked in the door when i would visit.  i could hear her tiny ‘hello’ to a new beginning with the other angels. she had such rosy round cheeks and bright blue eyes, and the most wonderful sense of humor.

life without dottie. it’s a new beginning for us all…but especially for dick. we’ll be sharing dinner with him tonight, that’s for sure.

there’s a blogger who writes about  ‘ends and beginnings’ that you should check out. he’s a much better writer than i: https://endsandbeginningsblog.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “with every end, there’s a new beginning; and with every beginning, there’s an end

  1. Oh my heart is hurting! I want to meet Dick & spend time with him. Manette, how beautifully you wrote this– thank you for sharing. Heaven is smiling receiving a new angel 🙏🏼

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