creating the time to rest, renew and reconnect to the peace within

our friends departed yesterday and tomorrow we leave for a favorite peep’s daughter’s wedding. today is a day of rest.

i think we all know that feeling.  loving the visitors, getting to know them at a deeper level, but then having the house fall back to quiet, back to what we know is always there if we allow it to be.

it’s that place of quiet that lives within each of us that is so easy to forget because we allow ourselves to stay in the busy mode.  when the busy mode becomes our familiar, our mode of operation, our way of living, we lose touch with that place of serenity that we were born with.

and sometimes that the busy mode becomes our obsession and we think drama is a necessary part of our existence. we turn on the radio as soon as we get in the car, or the television to fill the quiet space. we become addicted to the noise.

and then we carry that noise into our beds, and we can’t sleep. our minds like to create a script that mimics what we see and hear all around us, whether it’s on the news, a tv show, a movie, gossip from a next door neighbor, or simply our own drama from past experiences.

i have control of the dimmer and i can turn the noise down, i can find that place of peace within me. in practicing touching base with my place of peace, serenity has become my mode of operation.  i choose to experience the world without the drama.

when i choose to take things personally, to judge others’ behaviors and try and change them, to make assumptions, to retaliate using silence, to feel guilty when i’m not meeting someone else’s expectations, to feel controlled by others because i fail to communicate what i need…when i allow old behaviors that my ego learned over the years to take over my mind, i know i need to pause.

the drama that had become my all too familiar way of living, i now can observe, and choose not to participate in. in practicing mindfulness, i’ve learned to detach from the drama, and reconnect with the baby within me, the me who’s connected to the unconditional love that created me.

i detach from the noise that is out of my control,  turn off the noise that is in my control and i embrace the me within.


2 thoughts on “creating the time to rest, renew and reconnect to the peace within

  1. So true how important it is to find quiet time and space within our cluttered and noisy world! There’s also the “quiet noise” of our smartphones and social media. I need to remind myself to separate from that also!

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