the olympian moment is within each of us

why do i find myself crying when i watch the olympics?  there’s something about sharing in the victory, the culmination of a ton of hard work, the surprise and mystery that unfolds in the moment.  when i watch a gifted athlete perform it’s a lot like what i experience when i listen to live music.  it’s as if i’m participating in someone’s personal connection with universe.

when i think about how each of us is here on earth to share our individual gift, and that these athletes are simply sharing their gifts and glory, i find myself moved to tears. when the two brazilian gymnasts took silver and bronze yesterday in an auditorium filled with people who love and admire them, how could i not be moved to utter, ridiculous joyful tears?

these athletes work super hard, but they are also people who have discovered their gifts. to most observers, these athletes inspire and motivate, and to others who like to compare and judge, these athletes can intimidate and make one feel small and insignificant.

not all of us are here to compete, not all of us are here to find fame, some of us are here to participate in the joy and to share the experience, but i do believe we each are here to discover our individual joy and purpose.  i have a feeling the athletes appreciate their fans, but i also have a feeling they’d still be doing what their doing simply because they love it.

as i continue to explore who i am becoming, i am open to the many possibilities.  i know i have talents, some yet to be discovered. as i participate in the game of life, getting to know myself and you, i sure am having a ton of fun connecting to the universe. it’s when i make that personal connection that taps into my unique gift that i experience the olympian moment.

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