cake or no cake, love is in the action you take

we’re all different, that’s for sure.  i love to cook and bake, and my sister-in-law loves to organize and help companies run efficiently, effectively and ethically.  my nephew’s birthday is coming up, and i offered to make his cake.  but when cindy was searching for the recipe i wanted to use, he mentioned to his mom, “but you’ve never baked cake,” and cindy said the comment made her sad.

my sister-in-law does so much for her kids.  she’s always finding great activities for them to get involved in.  between all of her work commitments, she does her best to make it to their games and she’s always keeping stats for their baseball teams.  she’s absolutely remarkable, as are her kids.

i know in my heart that those boys feel very loved because they are loved from the heart,.  when she shared that comment with me, i realized that we choose to feel the guilt that our heads like to create. she wrote me an email expressing how it’s still sad that he doesn’t remember when she used to make cakes for them when they were little.

there’s no need for her to remind them that she used to make cakes for them when they were little, there’s no need for her to feel guilty that she doesn’t have the time now, she simply shows her love in different ways.

when i’m operating out of love, from my heart, i simply have to remember my intention, and i don’t have to worry about what other people might think.

to love unconditionally is to expect nothing in return, not even a compliment, not even a recognition – it’s the experience of shared love.  whether my nephew remembers those times or not, his mom remembers those moments, and it’s in her memory, that creative moment when she was making that cake with him out of love, that he was experiencing the love too.

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