entering the flow of our ever changing relationships requires the awareness of choices

so often i hear friends tell me ‘he’s not the same guy i married.’ and that’s when i have to remember that ‘change is our only constant.’ there is no way he’s the same guy, and hopefully i’m not the same woman.

as i stay in tune, aware, of our changes, i make adjustments to our growth.  if i see our relationship as constantly evolving, and that it’s an opportunity for me to learn, then i’m not resisting the change.

i’m entering the flow of our relationship.and this is true for all my relationships, especially with my children, who are now grown and having children of their own. the conscious choices i make express my love that i hope is liberating and not controlling.

our relationships are always changing, because we’re always changing.

as i let go of what i want the other person to be, as i let go of judging and criticizing, as i let go of placing my expectations on others.  as i get out of my head and into my heart, i jump into the joy of life unfolding, and i find myself falling in love all over again and again.

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