lessons that could be learned in a broken elevator

“if you had to be stuck in an elevator with one person, who would that person be?”

this was one of the questions in our impressions game the other night.  in the game you had to choose that one person, and so each of us picked someone we knew we could get along with in tight, closed quarters.

i’d probably choose someone who likes me just the way i am. and someone who is a creative problem solver, and who is calm under stress and has a good sense of humor. but also someone’s who’s good at accepting the situation just as it is. oh and i would choose someone who smells good because that’s the one area of acceptance i struggle with. (stick me next me to someone who has body odor or smells like pee, i will have trouble.)

in reality, if you were to be stuck in an elevator it would most likely be with some random person you don’t know. in many ways the thought of being stuck in an elevator with a stranger requires being in total acceptance of another person just the way she is.  if i can be around someone who bugs me, and i can let go of trying to change that person, things get a lot better.  likewise being around someone who is not wanting to change me, is a great feeling. and finally if i can be around someone who is in total acceptance of the situation is going to be a lot more pleasant than being with someone who is frantic and upset about being stuck.

so if i think about it, this question is about life –

‘be the person you would choose to be stuck with in an elevator.’


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