learning ‘interactive relaxing’ with a little help from the universe

i like to stay in motion, and when i’m not in motion, i’m meditating or sleeping.  my family teases me because i’ll be moving all day, and as soon as i sit down, i’m out (as soon as i start my deep breathing, i’m asleep).  according to riki, i need to learn ‘interactive relaxing’.  ‘mom, you need to learn to relax but still interact with us; try not to fall asleep when you sit.’

and that’s what i practiced while on vacation. it wasn’t easy, because i love to cook, and help out.  but on our second night on the lake, i twisted my foot, and had to sit, keep off my foot, and… relax.

we had docked to take ren and eric to celebrate their first anniversary. dinner was wonderful, but when we finished eating, the sun had set, which meant we had to park our boat in the dark.

‘parking the boat’ required that we find a sandy spot, and then drive the boat part way onto the shore, and tie it to stakes that we hammered into the shore.  we learned quickly that  you should plan to park your boat in the light, preferably daylight. because using a spotlight just wasn’t enough.

every time we pulled up to a piece of land that looked like dirt, we would learn to our dismay that the spot was rock.  on our fourth try, we rammed into shore that seemed to be a mix of rock and dirt, and as i jumped off to help put in the stakes, i landed on a rock and rolled my foot.

so for the rest of the trip i had to have my foot up and iced. i had to practice ‘interactive relaxing’.  i sat on my butt, and watched folks pitch in. and wow, do i have kids who like to help. we laughed and joked around, and i didn’t fall asleep! it really was quite lovely, and i must say, i’m getting pretty good at ‘interactive relaxing’ now. maybe next time i won’t have to roll my foot to practice it.

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