accepting what is, makes living so much easier

i used to dread driving with brian.  he loves to go fast, he has a habit of trying to push people along and out of his way, and he gets upset with other drivers who were being ‘stupid’.  basically he models the behavior learned from his father.  pop is the only person i know to have gotten two speeding tickets within a ten minute time span… in his own neighborhood, no less, one right after the other. the first one he told the officer that he was stopping the wrong person. there are plenty of people who go way to fast in the neighborhood and that the police should do a better job of stopping them not him. the officer told him that he was one of the them and that he needed to slow down.  after arguing and fuming, pop grabbed his ticket, and then sped off.  only to be stopped again and given another speeding ticket.

now when i drive with brian, i just let go of trying to change him. i stop trying to defend the other ‘stupid’ drivers, and i just breathe.  i changed my attitude.

believe it or not, in letting go, brian has become a nicer driver. he still has those same habits, they’re just not as pronounced, or maybe i’m just imagining that his driving is more bearable, and that it’s just my perspective that’s changed. riki, our second daughter, and the one who was traveling with us in the backseat for the 8 hour drive, mentioned that dad acts like driving’s a game, “he drives like he’s playing ‘super mario’ ”

she proceeded to name his car ‘mario kart’ –  we’re thinking of getting him a really goofy mario hat to go with his car.

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