losing is simply a part of the game of life

when you’re in the middle of a lake on a boat, with no tv or computer, just time to hang with each other, it’s perfect for our family because our family loves to play games. always has, always will. ren’s new husband, eric, never played games growing up. it’s just a different upbringing. so he’s learning to play games as he’s trying to get to know our family.

nobody likes to lose, but the more you have practice losing, the better. and because we’ve been playing games all our lives, we’re used to losing.  eric, on the other hand is new to the art of playing games, and has some learning to do!…losing is just not a big deal when you’ve played as many games as we have. of course we’re all competitive, but we don’t take things personally when people want to steal, or when people appear to take sides. ‘it’s just a game.”

there are winners and losers; we laugh and begin again.

and isn’t that what life is about? having fun, taking part in a mix of strategy and luck, communicating, making mistakes, and wishing you had made a different choice, learning from those mistakes, and then accepting what is and letting go of the results, especially if they’re not what you wanted them to be?

and the greatest thing is, when the game is over, you can start another game – the way you can always start a new day.

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