The core is the same no matter the trip; we’re destined to have fun amidst a ton of love

living flexibly with plan a,b or c sure makes life exciting. I’m sitting in the middle of the most glorious lake surrounded by blue sky, majestic mountains and stars that go forever, and best of all I’m with my little family. And yes, I’m in heaven, and yes I have no internet and very scattered cell service and yes, it’s great practice to detach from my beloved computer.

last year our family decided from now on to give each other memorable experiences instead of gifts for Christmas. Our first trip was going to be to climb machu pichu with family, then Scott proposed to Riki (yipppeeee!!) and there wasn’t any way we were going to be able to afford a second wedding and a trip to Peru, so we revised our plans and decided to do a white water river rafting trip along the rogue River in Oregon, then Ren and Eric announced that they were expecting a baby in December ! (Yeeehaw!!our first grandchild!!) and her doctor said no white water.

so here we are living out plan C.  House boating on Shasta lake!! Oh my goodness! Having never done this before, I had no idea what to expect and I suppose that’s what I like best.  Not knowing what life has in store for me.  My favorite movie experiences and books are the ones I have not idea what the plot is or even whether it’s a drama, romance, comedy or action.  I love the surprise! I love not knowing!

That’s the beauty.  It’s like watching these kids unfold. I have no idea what person each is going to evolve into. When I let go and stop trying to control them and make them into who I want them to be, When I let go and enjoy the moment, they show me how creative they can be. Each of them is so different, but their cores are the same. They share the same heart.


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