the little kid in you still lives

it’s amazing how we were raised impacts how we view the world.  what conditioned behaviors become engrained habits…

today was one of those ridiculously busy days for me.  my mom turned 85! bless her heart…we celebrated the big day officially yesterday because today my soul sister was throwing ren a baby shower, but we still wanted gma to have a special day.

i had been up late making salads, baking my mom another cake, wrapping presents. in the morning i loaded up the car to take everything to jihee’s house and as i was saying goodbye to brian, he hesitated, “this may not be the best time to bring this up.”  oh boy, i was thinking something must be really bad.

he proceeded to ask that when i take a shower, could i please make sure to dry the little ledge.  i had to laugh. i smiled and gave him a hug.  “of course i’ll remember next time.”

you see he grew up in a home where his mom didn’t even let him have crayons because they were too messy.  the first time i visited his house, he gave me a full blown lesson on how to dry the shower after using it. i had to make sure to squeegee it first, and then sponge dry it.  it took me longer to dry the shower than it did to take the shower.

drying the shower after using it is a big deal for brian. this is something that he learned as a young boy and it’s a habit that has remained a very important part of his daily ritual.

in the past, i would have been upset that he was asking me to do such a minor thing during a very busy time, but this time i just paused and remembered the little boy inside my man.


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