a near loss, brings us closer and wakens us to our blessings

i sat with my sister while the speech therapist, jim, tried to get my mom to speak. at one point he complained about his back. my little sister, mimi, looked at him, “oh, i know what that feels like.”

we almost lost my sister a couple of years ago.  it was the scariest thing that has ever happened to our family.  she and her husband, ric, were trimming trees, and while she was holding the ladder for him, a huge limb fell on her head, breaking her back, her hips, and her ribs.  we nearly lost her. they had to transport her by helicopter to the closest hospital.

you have to know my sister. mimi’s one of the tiniest, sweetest, kindest, people you’ll ever meet. the tree basically compressed her and knocked her out.  ric, thought he had lost his most precious gift… we all did.

i flew to northern california as soon as i could get a flight, and sat there holding her hand, while listening to each precious breath filled with pain. they couldn’t perform any surgery until the bleeding inside her head stopped.

after hours and hours of surgery, rods in her back, new hips, and months and months of physical therapy, she is now walking and except for a little curve to her back, you really can’t tell.  she’s our walking miracle.

as for her three children and ric, they know their blessing.  they don’t miss any opportunity to be with her.  ric quit his job, and did an early retirement. they grow their own vegetables, have two goats, live very simply appreciating each moment.

and they travel lots in a trailer they bought off eBay.  they know the meaning of life. to enjoy and appreciate every precious moment with nature and people you love.



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