we may look different on the outside, but our hearts are the same

in american sign language there’s this sign that we use that connects us to another. it’s a very simple sign with the thumb and the baby finger extended out, and the three inner fingers folded down.  whenever we find that we have something in common with each other – it can be the same shoes, the same feeling, the same way of thinking – we take that sign and wave it between the two people.  along with the sign, we have a facial expression that incorporates a smile and bright eyes.

i adore this sign. it’s simple, it’s clear, it’s filled with love and it connects me to you.

when life gets complicated, confusing, and filled with conflict, i center myself and find the peace within. to do this, i often think about this sign.  while our egos may differ and find ways to conflict and judge, our hearts are always the same.

our hearts only want to relate, understand and to deepen our bond to each other.

“we are all the leaves of one tree; we are all the waves of one sea; the time has come for all to live as one.” – buddhist song

2 thoughts on “we may look different on the outside, but our hearts are the same

  1. I didn’t know that was used in signing; it sounds like the same hand signal originating in Hawaii from surf culture (?) and more broadly for meaning “unity, peace, all good,” or at least that’s my interpretation. Anyway, I’m not sure I understand the rest. Because some people seem to really care about others while other people seem to care mostly or only about themselves. Maybe you’re saying that’s not really how they are deep down; something went wrong with their heart?

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  2. not sure what your question is marc…what i’m saying is what makes us different is in our heads, our egos…what makes us the same is our hearts. we experience a sameness, a commonality when we experience life through the heart – being in the ocean, enjoying music, sharing food – in contrast to the experience of say political debates where we experience one power hungry person after another arguing and stating his beliefs, which are always better than the other guys’…

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