identifying the old self and cultivating my true self is a work in progress

living the victim, tied to emotions that held me back, was the way i used to see myself. i identified myself as the girl who was shy, sensitive and good. harsh words would send me crying, smart people would make me feel ‘less than’, pleasing others through my good deeds fulfilled my self worth.

as i free myself from my old conditioned behavior, i take measures to create change in the direction of a self that is free from judgement, free from fear, free from the need to be perfect.

P – ause.  before allowing myself to react, i pause.  i become mindful of the feelings that are being stirred, but i don’t allow others and their behaviors to trigger my old reactions.

I – nvite a new perspective that comes from the heart and is not filled with judgement

C- ultivate and choose a response that is compassionate and understanding of myself and others

K -indle kindness is to know that my actions of pure simple love with no manipulation, no tethers of need or hurt, guilt or shame, free me from behaviors that tie me to others. i am connected to others through my heart that seeks to understand, not bound and strangled through the head that wants to control and demand.

living a life that is mindful now allows me to create the personal freedom that creates happiness and fulfillment from within.  instead of asking others to ‘make’ me feel loved, or ‘that hurt my feelings’, i untether myself from the actions of others, and begin to experience the world through my heart.

my heart doesn’t compare, judge, complicate or criticize.  it’s not demanding.  it connects with the goodness and essence of others.  so when my father yells or gets demanding, i don’t take it personally, i give him space, hear his pain and remember his beautiful soul,

and i breathe!

living a drama free life is exhilarating!

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