choosing peace over conflict

sometimes we are so used to experiencing the world in a certain way that it just appears to be who we are. we identify with that person who was our example. the angry driver was brian’s father. poor pop would use his driving to vent all his frustrations. brian watched this angry behavior all his life, and learned to do the same.

dealing with drivers who might be distracted or slow, or who do ‘stupid’ things used to drive brian crazy. over the years, i’ve noticed a change. he is much less critical now, and so much more patient.

when things in life aren’t going the way we want them to be going, we experience a sense of conflict, that place of anger and frustration. a driver cuts us off, the light turns red, the traffic isn’t moving. or in the bigger picture, our child is sick, our mother is dying, our dog died.

if we practice acceptance – it is what it is, there’s nothing we can do to change it, it is simply life unfolding – we experience peace. this peace lies within all of us, but we sometimes miss it because we’re so busy identifying with the place of conflict, learned behavior that surrounds us.

when we pause and realize we have a choice in how we respond to the world, we become aware of that angry feeling, acknowledge it, let it go, and breathe.  we see that we don’t have to identify with that frustrated person.

we begin to awaken the quiet heart that understands, is patient and kind and simply wants to accept you and the situation unconditionally.

One thought on “choosing peace over conflict

  1. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is what my wife Wendy, a psychologist, always tells me when I complain about stupid stuff. Love your eloquent elaboration of that. Great advice which I’m trying to follow more and more.


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