‘good friends are family you get to pick’

zondo is an only child. born and raised with no siblings. but i remember him telling me how people who come into his life, who he really likes, he makes a serious effort to get to know at the sibling level, and to maintain at the sibling level.

and with the people who aren’t quite family, he is loyal and trusting. his commitment is not only with his people – people who work for him, the baker at the local bakery, the driver of the bus – but the places he frequents, like his favorite local ice cream shop, his favorite tiny restaurant… and this includes his favorite band. hence the grateful dead and why we’re here. zondo has been to 100’s of their concerts over the years.  i guess you could say, he’s a loyal and dedicated fan.

how does this work, when you keep meeting new people? it means your family keeps growing. and you keep creating and discovering new and exciting things about them and about yourself. imagine if we all were to adopt zondo’s way of living and growing his family of peeps, before too long we’d all be getting along, focusing on the most important thing in life – connecting, bonding, understanding, enjoying those precious moments.

i guess we’d be the grateful living

i love love love live music. there’s something magical about listening to musicians ‘talk to each other’, sharing with an audience of loyal brothers and sisters their passion, their ‘talk’, their spirit.  some people in this world were born to perform, i was born to listen and love. what a day.

collapsed in exhaustion and complete gratitude , filled with the love and magic of the day.


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