in the creation of me, i choose ingredients that nourish my soul

one of the main reasons i love to cook is that i never know how something is going to turn out – mostly because i’m terrible at following a recipe. i guess you could call it the practice of the mystery of creation.

the great thing about cooking is that you get the results within a reasonable amount of time. and then not only you, but others get to taste the results. you get to experience the sharing of a creation, which connects people to you and to each other.

if i think of me being in creation – that the actions, emotions and thoughts that i choose are part of the creation of who i’m becoming, i feel i’m embracing the mystery of me.  in the creation of me, i’m selecting the ingredients i’d like to put in, and i’m enriching the ‘stew’ as i taste what is developing – prepared to make changes along the way depending on how i’m aligning with my intentions and my relationship with others.  i remember to ask myself if i’m enriching my soul, and not my ego, am i connecting deeper than the surface?

unlike in cooking where i get to taste the results once the dish is complete, there is no completion of me, there’s no final dish that i get to put on the table.  because i’m in constant creation and constant change, i have to consciously pause and appreciate what has developed thus far and be ready and willing to make adjustments as needed.  i have to be conscious to taste along the way.

as i set my intention of what i would like to become, and align with what i am becoming, i experience harmony. the connection i feel with others and myself becomes more and more fulfilling because my soul is being nourished, and the quality of my life flourishes.



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