he loved life while here, and he shared the love big time


i rescued little george two years ago off the streets of carson. i found him dodging cars as he tried to cross six lane avalon boulevard. he made it that hot day in august 2014, and we showered him with love, tried to find his owner, and finally ended up adding him to our growing bunch of rescues, ‘what’s one more?’, it just means more love for us. but four dogs is a lot, and tai ended up loving him and decided to take him to his place in austin, texas.

yesterday george couldn’t help it, he was drawn to the street again, and this time he didn’t make it. sad sad day for the mcdermott family.  we lost george, poor little guy, bless his heart. he loved to run. and wouldn’t stop when tai called his name.

tai was devastated. absolutely and completely torn apart. i so wanted to be there to hold him and tell him it wasn’t his fault, that this is the mystery of life, and sometimes you just have to cry. we sat there with phones in hands, miles away, just sobbing. no words could soften the pain.

i like to think that george’s spirit is still alive. we called george ‘the philosopher’ – he had these incredible eyes that just understood. you could come home from an exhausting day, and you could share your deepest thoughts with him. he would listen with his eyes and give you all the loving you needed.

oh he had ears too, big giant ones!, but he didn’t use them as much as he used his eyes. his eyes would say , ‘i understand…what else?’, while his ears would say, ‘i can’t hear you, i don’t know who george is, and i like to run.’

tai nourished and cultivated that loving, wild and courageous spirit that was all george. he was a tiny little guy, just nine pounds, but he was as brave as could be, he had no fear, just love. tai feels responsible for george running into the street, but i like to think of it as george joyfully experiencing life, enjoying his time here on earth, and thanking tai for the time he had while he was free to bound.  george had a blast while in austin with tai. and they shared a ton of love, just a ton of love. and that’s what i’m going to remember.


4 thoughts on “he loved life while here, and he shared the love big time

  1. So Sorry Manette! Know that George was very special to you and everyone! I remember the week you found him and the joy he brought to your family! Big hugs for you, Tai and everyone! It’s so hard to lose a family member! I love you lots.


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  2. I’m so sorry M & Tai. I still remember the day Libby, my weim died. I was nearly 4 months pregnant with James and the moment she died, my first baby, my nose bled and I started cramping so badly I thought I might miscarry. I still can’t bring myself to get another dog. Dogs are family. LOTS of LOVE, L. xo

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