seeing people i meet as connectors

when i see people i meet as connectors, i begin to understand the importance of each moment. if i see people as creatures who i don’t have time for, then the moment has less purpose.

open to the possibilities allows me to see everyone i meet as a connector.  a connector is someone who knows someone who you probably need to know. a connector is really good at connecting the dots, and finding common ground. a connector sees the world as an ocean of opportunities. a connector understands and loves life and all its mystery.

i met up yesterday with a connector.  marc and i met at reunion a last month, and he’s been following my blog, leaving comments, and ideas, so i feel i’m getting to know him. and just as i had suspected, we have a lot in common and we see the world filled with hope and possibility.

marc has started writing lyrics. wow. how cool is that.

2 thoughts on “seeing people i meet as connectors

  1. With so much social media everywhere, connecting in person, the old fashioned way, has ironically taken on a much more important and special role, at least from my experience. No substitute for what used to be the dominant mode! Anyway, you have some rare type of positive energy, Manette; anyone that knows you is very fortunate, and I learn something every time I read one of your blogs, so thank you!

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