open to infinite possibilities leaves me curious and willing; not knowing is simply part of the mystery

people have shared with me the feeling of being a fake, that they’re going through life not quite sure of themselves, and fearful that they’ll be’ found out’, and that they’ll never be good enough. this is the ego they’re hearing.

i wonder if that fear comes from the simple fact that we’re in constant creation. if we’ve arrived already, then there’s no more to create or discover. crazy when you think about how our world has changed so much. sometimes we get so used to life being predictable that we forget what it’s like to live with not knowing, with living in mystery, with living with the unpredictable.  we send text messages and expect immediate responses, and if we don’t get them, we think something must be wrong. being in constant touch with people gives us a false sense of knowing the whereabouts of people we love.

being in touch, in some ways gives me a false sense of being in control. being in control gives me a false sense of knowing. and being in the know gives me the false sense that i now know who i am.

but how can i truly know who i am when i’m still in creation. sitting in comfort accepting that i’m still in creation, that i don’t need to have an answer because i’m still part of the mystery, gives me peace. being aligned with my heart and its intent, and not my ego and its demands allows me to be in harmony with my true self, my higher self and not the ‘fake one’ whose source is fear…fear that i’m not enough. fear that i have to have an answer, when in reality there are so many possibilities.

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