it’s okay to ask for help

“‘I AM’ are two of the most powerful words – for what you put after them shapes your reality” – unknown

my inner voice used to be ‘work harder to prove you’re better’.  this is what my father would tell me when i was a little girl.  it worked for awhile, but then as life become more demanding, and i was surrounded by people who not only worked hard but were smarter, i suddenly began feeling ‘less than’ because i wasn’t in fact better.

i was constantly judged and criticized growing up, and if i wasn’t perfect, then i’d feel i had to work harder. and to prove that i was perfect, and i had to remember i couldn’t ask for help – i had to figure it out myself. heck, i watched my parents figure out how to make it in america, without family or money, i should be able to too. i became my greatest critic.

my mantra today is very different. ‘ i love who i am today. i am growing, learning and open to what is.’  it’s very simple.  i don’t have to prove anything to anyone, i’m not comparing myself to anyone else, it encompasses staying in the now and if i say it everyday, it works – i don’t worry about tomorrow, and i don’t dwell in the past.

life is not a race, or a competition, it truly is a journey holding hands with those around you, listening, and making time to nurture true friends who love and accept you just as you are. life is not about losers and winners, how many ‘likes’ and how many ‘favorites’ to prove you’re a success.

instead of living in fear that i’m not good enough, that i should be working harder, i’m now living in faith that i’m awesome, flaws and all! yes, i’ll always work hard, but it’s not to prove my worthiness. i recognize my imperfections, seek to change, but i’m not going to see myself as a failure if i’m not the best.

if i’m willing to be open to the opportunities this universe has to offer, my abundance expands. it’s not perfection that i strive for, it’s not approval that guides me, it’s the belief and faith that i have a purpose here on earth.  as i share and grow through my heart, i find inner peace and i connect with you and the universe .

4 thoughts on “it’s okay to ask for help

  1. Hi Manette, It’s Betsey here. Thanks for your latest post I needed that reminder today and everyday. Love happens on the present moment. My heart is open now. Be well. With gratitude for your posts, Betsey

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