darkness spurs spiritual transformation

“open your heart, fling your hopes high, set your dreams aloft. i am here to hold your hand.” – maya angelou

sometimes when it gets really dark, and my fears start to overwhelm me, i reach over and turn the dimmer light brighter.  this inner light that lies within me is always there, i just need to remember to keep the light glowing.

spiritual growth is about the quality of my inner being, my connection to my truth, or my essence. if i take care of my heart, and nurture it by opening and sharing, by allowing myself to be vulnerable, to listen to the secrets and hidden pains, by helping those in need, by accepting others as they are and not as i want them to be, i grow closer to my spirit and my light becomes brighter.

as i experience sadness, despair, brokenness, my heart needs repair. it’s almost as if this becomes the awareness of my heart’s purpose – to connect to the universe and our creator. because my ego is so strong and powerful, it demands my attention, it wants to be my boss, it wants to tell me that i want more, and i want it now and that i don’t need any help. my ego wants to keep my heart from opening, it wants to turn my world dark, it wants to keep my heart from sharing, the ego loves secrets.

in the broken state, those times when if feels as if things are falling apart, the heart opens and reminds me to pause, to let go and to have faith.

if i pause and see that my brokenness is simply the beginning of my transformation, and the next choice i make will be about transforming, it will be about growing spiritually, it will be about learning and having faith.

instead of seeing myself as a victim – ‘why is this happening to me?’, i see myself as a glowing light, whose source has been temporarily dampened or covered. i ask instead, ‘why is this happening for me?, what is the lesson i am to learn? what is my opportunity to grow and learn?’ and the light begins to shine through the clouds.

i know there is a sun behind those clouds. as i allow time to pass, and trust the sun to shine, so too do i have faith that my heart’s light will shine through. i continue to nourish my heart and turn the dial brighter on my dimmer switch.

your heart doesn’t shame you for mistakes that you’ve made. there are no failures – the divorce, the child who doesn’t graduate, the parent who dismisses you, the loved one who’s in rehab – this is just part of life and an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. there are no failures if you seek to learn from life’s experiences.

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