friend or acquaintance – the heart knows

“the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the source of all true art and science.” – albert einstein

if i live everyday as a mystery, there is no day that is the same.  there is no moment that i could ever find boring. if one of my kids said, ‘i’m bored, i’d remind her/him,’bored is an attitude you choose to have. look around and be curious, there’s so much we don’t know. life’s a mystery.’

a friend of mine here in los angeles had introduced me to his sister, asking that i meet her over the phone. we’d had a couple of conversations; we didn’t know the details of each other, but intuitively i could tell we were connected.

has that ever happened to you? where you meet someone, and you know that person will be in your life forever? intuitively you know. your heart knows.

kathleen and i are like long lost sisters. we met for the first time yesterday, and we shared stories of our fathers. we cried and opened our hearts. she understood me, and i understood her. she and i share the feeling of ‘less than’, having both been raised with fathers who liked control and criticism. as i listened to her share, i learned our connection came from a very deep place. her strength and perspective came from the experience of loss and survival, a deep place of despair.  she was remarkable in her place of gratitude and spiritual connection.  we sat there and felt each other’s hearts; i didn’t want to let her go.

if i’m open to the unknown, life’s mystericles abound. and my heart grows.

“the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart” – helen keller

by definition kathleen is an acquaintance – we’d only known each other for less than a few hours, but those hours were precious.

you make time for friends, and with acquaintances, you make excuses. kathleen and i are connected, and i know she’s a friend.


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