choosing to feed the peace within

there’s a history  or story behind every action. i can stand in judgement of that action, and defend my position, or i can try and understand that action, i can try and dig deeper to connect with the other person.  i can open my heart to the curiosity that binds us as humans.

yesterday i put my blinker on to switch lanes on the 405, and a large, tesla flashed its light, sped up and basically prevented me from switching lanes. i must admit there was a part of me that wanted to defend my position, and get angry at his aggressive move, and label tesla drivers as people who think they’re better than me.

i paused, slowed down, and waited to switch lanes and fell in behind him. instead of taking my anger out on his rear end, letting anger feed anger, i just took a deep breath, and found myself curious.  who am i to judge? we’re all human. we’ve all been there before – in a hurry and self absorbed.

i began to wonder about situations when i was in a hurry, where every minute seemed precious.  maybe this tesla was on its way to the hospital with a pregnant mama in the front seat, or wanted to get to his son’s graduation, or it needed to be by his sick mom’s side, or maybe this tesla had a plane to catch.

maybe this tesla had a person driving it. maybe it wasn’t the tesla that i was mad at, maybe if i remembered there was a person driving the tesla, i could let my heart understand the person’s need to get somewhere faster than i.  i let my curiosity open my heart to possibilities beyond my ego’s need to control, compare and complain.

i can choose to feed my ego, or i can choose to connect to my inner peace, my higher self, my true self, that part of me that is curious about the story behind the action, that quiet part of me that is patient, kind and compassionate.

2 thoughts on “choosing to feed the peace within

  1. Love it !! Here in LA, everyone I know harbors an abundance of Traffic Stories. It’s a subject familiar to all … and interestingly, one of our greatest teachers. As a driver with a history of being impossibly impatient behind the wheel, my heart goes out to drivers who cut me off and ride my back bumper. I always think, ‘BEEN THERE !!!” as I move over and let them pass. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaa.

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