Learning by doing, there’s discovery

Some of us learn by example, others by the book, some by listening…tai, our third child learns by doing. Call it trial and error of you will. He has to try it before he knows it’s not for him.

As he “tries out life” in the discovery of himself, he’s gone through many jobs.  His employers are always sad to see him leave. As a mom, I could sit around and worry, or I can listen as he shares with me his deepest thoughts.  I choose to believe that he’s discovering his passion on a non traditional journey. It can be scary, and exciting too.  I think tai lives through the heart.

He has an incredibly beautiful soul and he truly connects with children and animals. In a world that is mostly guided by ego, power and greed, a man who lives through the heart often feels out of place.

albert Einstein was not a traditional learner.

My heart knows tai will find his way. Boy, do I love him! It may take awhile, and lots of ‘doing’ to discover his ‘being’.

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