grateful for the Shirleys in my life

At first the thought of turning in my computer for a week to have the trackpad replaced seemed impossible- how was I going to write? And then it dawned on me – I could try writing with a pen and paper…wow!

and my incredible phone…I love my phone!

while I was away, my favorite person at the village passed away. Shirley was 99 years old and just as precious as could be. When I was moving my parents into the village four years ago, I would spend hours in their pod sorting stuff to give away. Everyday Shirley would visit with her walker and doggie in tow, and offer to help. It would be close to 100 degrees, and still she would visit.  She loved to chat and tell me about her husband, and what a good man he was.  I would listen and she’d smile, and by the end of the first week, we were laughing and looking forward to seeing each other.

Sometimes that’s all we need… A friend who cares. Oh boy, the village isn’t going to be the same without Shirley.

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