kids know the source – it’s how you feel inside

this year ren’s school was selected to participate in the ‘young story tellers’ program.  it’s a program that exists only in los angeles and new york city, whose mission is to inspire low income students to discover the power of their voice and to celebrate their imaginations. mentors work one on one to help students bring their stories to life through professional actors.  the students write original screenplays, hand pick their own cast, and the actors perform. i couldn’t believe the talent, the humor, the lessons!  wow!

they were all incredible, but if i had to choose, my favorite play was called ‘pork chopped’.  it was about a flying pig who wishes he could be human. he runs into all kinds of problems and in the end he learns that “it doesn’t matter what you look like, it matters how you feel inside. we can all live in peace.”

ren’s kids are in the fifth grade and have so much to teach me. some of these kids entered fifth grade reading at the first grade level, and now they’re able to write screenplays!!! miracles…!!! i wish you could have experienced the never ending smiles across their faces as they watched their works come to life!

i can’t wait to look them up and see how i can get involved in los angeles and celebrate the imagination of the young mind!


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