deep inside, we each have a story

i spent the day at ren’s school again.  such a powerful experience.  so many of children from broken homes. so many stories i don’t know. they didn’t want me to leave. they held me and begged that i return to watch them graduate late june. they wanted me to see them sing and sign their beautiful song – powerful.

as i was getting ready to leave, the tallest boy in the class came over and gave ren a hug that had no end – the kind of hug that stays with you for days.  he held her tight, as tears flowed down his face, tears from his eyes that mixed with the tears from his nose. and there began the opening of our hearts, as we grabbed each other and felt the power of the group hug.

i hugged him as he sobbed, and i could hear myself mumbling into his ear as he held his head low as if in shame, ‘it’s ok. it’s good to let it out. crying is a good thing. we all need a good cry.’

you see, i don’t know the stories behind their smiles, their tears, their beautiful faces.

as ren and i walked home in the rain, she shared with me some of their stories, and i felt my tears mix with god’s. i was in a puddle of tears.

we all have a story behind the face. and sometimes it’s that story that broke our hearts; ironically, it’s that same story that ultimately helps us heal.  and when we look inside, and share it with others, we find the power –

the power to change.

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