digging deep to find your pack

on the way back from a yummy breakfast with riki’s “squad of smart, supportive women”, she and i had a few minutes alone. she shared with me, “it took me awhile, but i did finally find my friends who make me a better person.”

you see, riki was born with the ‘looks’ that attracted not only the boys, but also the girls who valued the outside more than the inside – girls who judged you by the boys you could attract, your nails and what kind of bag you carried, neither of which riki ever had.  riki never felt comfortable with these girls, and found herself  gravitating toward sports where she could find women who were happy in athletic wear and sneakers, and didn’t thrive on gossip.

growing up my mother would tell me, ‘manette, you’re the lucky one. it’s not easy if you’re born pretty.  if you’re pretty, people only want you for your looks. but one day you’ll get old, and you won’t be so pretty, so they leave you for someone pretty. you’re lucky you’re not pretty. better to be smart. better you study.’  i now understand what she was trying to tell me.

it hasn’t been an easy journey for riki ku.  she’s had to do some digging, and sorting along the way to find the women who share what she values most in life – nature, adventure, service, laughter, and pure and simple kindness.

wow! did she find an inspiring core of loving, encouraging friends who truly understand the meaning of life.



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