Rik’s chicks, dicks and ticks

The day was simply magical, starting with a five mile hike around the lake, just the ten of us and the critters, not another human being…got home and found ticks hiding in our socks, climbing up our backs, in our hair. Nasty little guys who don’t give up. Once we realized how good they were at hiding, we stripped as quickly as we could, threw all our clothes into the wash and showered like crazy.

More silly games involving male body parts. Riki sent a photo of the gingerbread cut outs to her God-parents and received a text back from Zondo saying Maggie was wondering if they were dog bones or guitars…:)

kayaked on the lake and saw the most remarkable birds, including a redwinged black bird. Miracles were everywhere. Grilled salmon and chicken, veggies and potatoes over an open fire.

Riki began by thanking nanny and Ren for bringing all her favorite people together and then proceeded to go around the table thanking each of them for what they give her in life. As if alone with each in a quiet room, she thanked each of them for the unique quality that she shares with the world -a zest for life, adventure, someone who makes you a better person, a constant friend, a soul sister, an empathetic listener, someone who makes others laugh, a curious soul, a loving spirit-all the qualities that live and thrive in Riki. Each of these women, so different in personality, yet each shared their love of riki and a kind, compassionate heart.  I loved these women and I knew they were going to be a part of my life forever.

I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing sitting there in the dark, listening to the crackle of the fire and feeling my tears mix with those of God above as he sprinkled us all with his love. And the sprinkles quickly turned to rain helping us put out the fire and to gather our things.

I was right smack in the middle of a mystericle and Riki’s and my living gratitude list.

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