Celebrating another new beginning

I’m in beautiful poconos Pennsylvania!…. Blogging on my phone since we have no internet 🙂

the essense of green surrounds me, even on the boulders that border the cabin.  I’m so very happy for the chipmunks and squirrels, birds and owls. This place is a sanctuary, a slice of heaven. We saw six deer on the small dirt road that wound through the trees as we made our approach yesterday. They didn’t seem afraid. Each would pause, turn and look at us, and then slowly    and ever so gracefully re-enter the woods, almost inviting us to follow.

It seems funny to be in such an idyllic setting partaking in raunchy bachelorette party games, minus any strippers-  hilarious! I hope there aren’t any photos floating around cyberspace. Oh my!

Riki started the evening by telling us how much she loved Ren for pulling this together, and how she loved being with all her favorite people all in one room.  Ren had made a video interviewing Scott with wacky questions kind of like the newlywed game – what was Riki wearing on your first date? Where did you go? when and where was the first kiss?, who said the first ‘I love you’, and where were you? when did you know you wanted to marry? How many children do you want? …it was so ridiculously funny, sweet and touching. I couldn’t believe how many of their answers matched!! And the whoop that would fill the room when they did!

I love Riki and Scott, and I’m so happy for them… But after that video, I love them even more, if that’s at all possible. Scott closed the interview by saying how he knows he’s the luckiest man on earth and that a day doesn’t go by without thanking God for her, and that he can’t wait to grow a family and grow old with her…you know riki and I were sobbing…



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