the miracle of perspective and love

yesterday was a good day for my mom and dad.  i fixed their fountain that had been broken for months, paid their bills and then sat down to help my dad write an essay about a memory he wanted to submit to their Village newsletter.

the fact that he wanted to submit a piece of writing was a miracle in and of itself. he’s not big on participating. i think he’s slowing changing and getting used to the idea of living in a community.  he sees that by sharing about his past, he can become closer to his new friends.

he reminisced about the day they married, 62 years ago. how they had no money, but had decided to splurge and spend the $100 they had saved on a small wedding that took place in the campus chapel.  how he had coaxed his jalopy to make it to my mom’s graduation which took place in the morning and then to their wedding in the afternoon so all her friends could be there. they had no family, since the chinese communist government had prohibited communication with the US after their takeover. it was a beautiful little celebration with friends, and then they rushed off to the nearest state park where they had rented a cabin for $3 a night.  there they made their first baby, who was born exactly 9 months later on march 6, 1955. they named her michelle, which means gift from god.

we laughed and cried a bit, and then i asked him what he wanted to call his essay. he thought about it long and hard and at the end of the day he said, i want to call it “life’s just beginning after 62 years.”

one day i’d love for you to meet my dad. bless his heart.

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