heart based living can be empowering

blue zone living is based on this wonderful study done by Buettner looking at the longest-lived people in the world. in short, the 9 principles he found these people had in common:

1. move throughout the day everyday

2. live with purpose and meaning

3. slow down and appreciate the moment

4. eat a plant based diet that includes more seeds and nuts

5. eat naturally and organically, eliminating processed foods and the excess of red meat

6. drink a glass of red wine along with your plant based meal

7. belong to a faith based community or fellowship (this doesn’t have to be a religion)

8. love your family and invest time with them

9. spend time with a community of like-minded healthy living, supportive friends who laugh and enjoy life

as i live these 9 simple principles, i see that each and every one of them is good for my heart. these are conscious choices that i can make everyday, and that’s empowering.


when i care for my heart, and nourish and connect through this precious part of me, i find peace and harmony.  i hope others will join me in blue zone living.

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