seek the story, spread the love

everyone has a story. even the dogs we’ve rescued. each has his history. we’ll never really know the details, but we can guess. it took years before danny stopped flinching  every time i would reach over to rub his belly with my foot as he lay under my chair.

you can tell the dogs who’ve had a rough life. i’ll meet them on my walks.  some will hide behind their owners’ legs, other will bark and not let you get near.  learned fears and trust issues i suppose.

dogs are creatures so close to the spirit. they know and live unconditional love. you give them love, they’ll smother you in return.  they’ll give you so much love you won’t know what to do with it!

dogs have learned conditioned responses to situations. they have stories that live in their hearts.

and people do too. their stories show up in different ways, and they’ve learned over the years to hide their stories well. some carry hearts that have been broken for years.

when i meet someone who’s nasty and short with me, my ego gets hurt and defensive, and there’s a part of me that wants to snap back, but my heart hears his pain.  i think about the dog who growls and snarls, and i remember how i don’t know the angry man’s story.  i wag my tail and smile, and try to brighten the day with words of kindness, thoughts of compassion, acts of love, and usually, that person ends up joining me.



2 thoughts on “seek the story, spread the love

  1. Thank Manette for the love that you spread and show thru your words and actions… You are an amazing example for all around you and I am blessed to be one of them…
    when I practice faith and love they chase fear far away for me and those around me! ❤️🙏what a beautiful and peaceful way to live.


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