cops can simply be a reminder that we aren’t perfect

in the car listening to classic rock, rolling hills and vineyards surrounding us…it can be so peaceful. and then we hit traffic, and everything changes. the tension and need to hurry enters the space and suddenly the serenity can longer be found.

the focus on the driver who is keeping us from moving forward becomes intense, he just wants to get home and be done with this bumper to bumper traffic, and when the opportunity to pass opens, he grabs it, hits the accelerator, and boom! the flashing lights behind us brings us back to now, reality, and the driver who was annoying him keeps driving, relieved to have gotten away.

bummer. but it is what it is. in the scheme of things we had a great trip, the wedding was beautiful, we got to spend time with ren and eric and enjoy the outdoors. there was so much joy in the weekend.

sometimes we need that reminder. to slow down and accept that life’s not going the way we want it to be going. when we can be in that place of acceptance, we don’t feel the need to change things and to be frustrated with our circumstances.

i pulled out some crossword puzzles, and turned our focus on something other than past mistakes. he stopped hitting the steering wheel, and we found ourselves laughing, trying to think about a “three letter abbreviation for non-earthlings.”

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