the power of love transforms, and is immense

whenever i’m walking in nature, hanging with animals, watching children, listening to music, holding a newborn, experiencing the love between newlyweds…i get all emotional. i just can’t help it. it overwhelms me and i melt.

today brian and i started the day walking the trails in the hills of glorious carmel valley. we saw the hawks spread their wings, and soar above us as if to welcome us to their home, we heard the aspens whisper ever so gently perfectly in rhythm to the water flowing over the rocks in the nearby stream, i think they must have been talking to each other. walking amidst such a symphony opened brian’s heart, and i listened, and i could hear him healing. it was palpable.

he never knew love growing up. when you don’t experience love as a child, it’s nearly impossible to love yourself, i truly believe. his inner voice has been so loud, telling him that he isn’t good enough, a voice so powerful that he never felt worthy of love, especially self love.

but i also believe that’s it’s never too late to begin to love yourself. i do believe in spiritual awakening, and transformation.

healing begins with change. it begins with focusing your energy on building a life listening to the heart, and not on the memories of the past where your heart was broken. it begins with spending time letting the heart heal.

and the heart heals in places where you experience unconditional love, that state of being where you connect with the power greater than the ego, the power of nature and the universe, where we’re closest to our creator.

i have a feeling the timing of this wedding in magical caramel valley may have been part of the greater plan. i do believe brian’s heart is healing. that little boy inside is crying and it’s ok. he’s such a beautiful, precious soul. truly.

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