swinging my own destiny

it’s official. i’m old. i’m a senior! i guess one could argue that it doesn’t happen until you turn 60 and that doesn’t happen for another five months, but yesterday i joined a senior golf league, and no one asked for an id. and it felt great!

i’m not sure what compelled me to take this on, but i’m at a place in my life where i’m no longer just an observer. i’m a participant. which means i actually talk to people and engage in conversation. when i do, things happen. i started talking to a woman who was getting her range balls and she told me about this league that plays once a week. you simply have to be over 50. and so i joined!

i’ve been trying to improve my swing by going to the driving range whenever i have a spare hour. it’s a wonderful way to disengage and do something for myself. i’m new to the game, and i must admit, i’m kind of falling in love with it. with everything that’s been going on with my parents, i need to do something that takes me away from it all, and into a peaceful state of being.

i’ve been learning how to swing and hit the ball, and i’m now ready to take those skills and apply them to the course. if i want to improve, i have to put my swing into action.

and when i think about it, it’s exactly what i have to do in life. i can remind myself to live through my heart, quieting my mind, but it’s the actual application of that practice in my everyday life that helps me grow and continue to learn.

so when life isn’t going my way and people (including myself!) aren’t meeting my expectations or not being who i want them to be, i pause, and practice living through my heart.

instead of judging, and complaining, and creating a lot of drama, i find ways to appreciate and connect. i am mindful of my words. this is where it begins. with me. my words become my thoughts, my thoughts my actions, my actions my habit, my habit my character, my character my destiny – (eleanor roosevelt?).

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